Special Nephrostomy Set

Special set consisting of: puncture needle with stiffening cannula, guide-wire and pigtail drainage catheter.

For drainage catheter placement in Seldinger technique. Made from OD material.
Stiffening cannula allows a safe preparation of the drainage catheter for introduction without any risk of perforation.

  • Pigtail catheter with 2-way stop cock, glued, 30 cm long
  • Puncture needle, 2-part, US-Cut, ø 1.3 mm (17.5 G), 200 mm long
  • Plastic obturator with stiffening cannula
  • Exchange guide wire acc. to Schueller, flexible tip, rigid shaft (40 cm), flexible tip   (10 cm), 3 mm J-curved
  • Adapter, male Luer-Lock, rotating and small funnel, 10 cm long

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